The Health Benefits of Whole Wheat Sourdough

23 Nov , 2021 Uncategorized

Whole wheat sourdough is an excellent bread option for those looking for a healthy breakfast. Its niacin, magnesium, and foliate content make it a healthy choice. Niacin can also help boost the metabolism. This vitamin is also beneficial for bone and muscle health. Its calcium and magnesium content make it an ideal option for pregnant women. While these nutrients are important for the body, they are often lacking in other breads.

Another benefit of whole wheat sourdough bread is that it is easier on the digestive system. Its long fermentation process breaks down gluten and other indigestible proteins, making it easier to digest. This can be beneficial for those with coeliac disease or allergies. Sourdough bread is also a good option for those with diabetes or other health conditions. However, those with food allergies should seek medical advice before consuming this type of bread.

Because sourdough is made from whole wheat flour, it has lower glycemic index than other types of bread. This bread also contains soluble fibre, which keeps you full longer and promotes sustained energy. The process also improves the quality of the bread’s taste. Some people who are sensitive to gluten may find it difficult to eat bread. While this may be an issue for some people, it is possible to purchase a gluten-free version of sourdough and still reap the health benefits of this delicious bread.

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