Whole Wheat Sourdough

Whole Wheat Sourdough

We make 100% whole wheat sourdoughs because they remind us of home. Soft, chewy, and oh-so delicious; with each wheat variety lending its own unique flavors and qualities to each loaf. These are the breads your grandmother made from the old county.

But it is not just the flavor and texture of the breads that make them the best in the Bay Area.

Nor is it that our breads are healthier for you than their white flour counterparts.

They are also better for the economy as well as the environment.

Consider that:

  • Whole grains can often be grown as cover crop in a rotation that improves soil fertility and prevents soil erosion.
  • One bushel of wheat yields 60 whole grain loaves but only 42 white flour loaves. In other words, eating more whole grain breads means that we can feed more people with less land.
  • The ancient grains that we use are more tolerant of extreme weather conditions that will become more frequent and significant as climate changes.
  • It takes less water to generate a calorie of food from whole grains than any other food source.
  • Milling locally sourced grains in house eliminates all of the carbon emissions that would otherwise be created to ship grain from the farm—often outside of California—to the mill—also often outside of California—to the baker.
  • Sourcing locally grown grains also eliminates many of the supply chain issues that are currently infecting the food chain, closing the loop, and feeding money directly back to the farmer.